This is the first time that I have had such a quick recovery from such an extensive surgery. After 21 days of in-home physical therapy, two hours per day, my flexion was 84 degrees. With the GAP-FLEX® unit, 8 treatments, 6 minutes each, my flexion increased 42 degrees [126 degrees total].

- Male , age 76

I achieved a degree of flexion in a week that took almost two months without the device. The pain and stiffness is probably only a third of what I had to deal with on the first go round.

- Female , age 72

I was walking a mile the week after my total right knee replacement.  Did my Gap-Flex faithfully for 2 weeks prior to surgery and still do it daily.  Totally convinced that it is due to my dedicated use of the Gap Flex.  Even my doctor was amazed at my quick recovery and now brags about my recovery. I do know that 2 of my friends have had the same surgery with the same doctor and have not recovered as well nor as fast and I am convinced its due to not having used Gap-Flex.

- Female , mid-70’s

Gap-Flex is so easy to use. The app allows me to keep track of my exercise and progress. The Gap-Flex system pushes me to increase my flexion and I can see the results. My recovery is much faster than I expected thanks to Gap-Flex.

- Female , age 75

The GAP-FLEX System was very helpful to me in recovering after my total knee replacement surgery and it was very easy to use. One of the primary points my surgeon made prior to surgery was about range of motion and how critical this was to my recovery. Honestly, I was sacred even thinking about the pain of flexing my knee to adhere to this critical aspect of getting my life back. The GAP-FLEX greatly helped to make my recovery easy and essentially pain free because it used gravity to increase my range of motion. I was in good shape going into the surgery so my recovery went pretty fast and within 12 weeks I was running and working out again!

- Male , age 56


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