Using a brilliantly simple concept – gravity – patients can regain mobility and range of motion quickly, easily and with a high rate of compliance compared to traditional methods of knee recovery therapy.
GAP-FLEX® System


The GAP-FLEX® System provides a comfortable and less painful method to improve patient recovery using a brilliantly simple platform – gravity. Patients are more compliant with the therapy, and report faster recovery. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE
Healthcare Practitioners


Improved clinical outcomes; improved patient compliance; and improved economic outcomes. For early adopters, the GAP-FLEX® System has replaced the CPM as the standard of care for total knee replacement therapy. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE


“I achieved a degree of flexion in a week that took almost two months without the device. The pain and stiffness is probably only a third of what I had to deal with on the first go round.” - Female age 72 CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE